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Adam Hann-Byrd has been in the film industry for most of his life.  He got his start acting in movies at the age of seven when he was cast as the title character in Jodie Foster’s directorial debut, LITTLE MAN TATE.  He went on to star in JUMANJI, THE ICE STORM, and HALLOWEEN H20, among other films.

Adam studied film and psychology at Wesleyan University where he discovered a passion for screenwriting.  After graduating college he worked for JJ Abrams’ production company Bad Robot, and spent two seasons as an Assistant in the writers' room on the Fox show FRINGE, as well as two seasons as the Writers’ Assistant on the TNT series THE LIBRARIANS.


In 2011 Adam spent a year as a fellow in the Warner Bros. TV Writers Workshop.  Since then he has worked as a Supervising Writer for Hulu’s series THE MORNING AFTER, as a Writer for the webseries BATGIRL: SPOILED, and as a Writer/Associate Producer for

Participant Media’s BRAIN FOOD DAILY


In addition to his acting and writing pursuits, Adam is also the

voice of the tv network "Pivot."

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