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Set just years before Harry's arrival at Hogwarts, this groundbreaking mobile game puts YOU at the centre of an all-new story in the Wizarding World! As Hogwarts' newest student, you embark on an epic quest... venturing into the school's mysterious and cursed vaults to find your missing brother, Jacob! 

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HARRY POTTER: HOGWARTS MYSTERY | Senior Writer (2020-2022)

  • I helped run the writers room to craft the main story for Year 7 (the final season) of the game. 

  • I wrote various Time-Limited Side Quests and Creature Quests, such as "The Great Hogwarts Cook-Off," "The Rise of a Curse-Breaker," "A Helping Hand," and "More Than Just a Mascot," among other fan favorites!

  •  I designed and wrote for Quidditch Seasons 3 and 4, where you get to play as Keeper and Seeker respectively.

  • Provided notes and peer reviews for other writers on the team

  •  I also helped to develop new features within the game, such as the dating feature.

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Enter the whimsical world of wizards and wi-fi, where you and your best friends are heading out on a quest! You’ll climb through dark tunnels to reach mystical mountain temples. You’ll match wits with goblins, ghosts and sentient coffeemakers. You might even save the world from tearing itself apart. All you need to get this quest started? A magical phone... but be sure to read the fine print first!


GUILDLINGS | Sirvo Studios | Writer (2015-2019)

  • Worked with the creative team at very early stages of the game to help craft the big-picture elements of the story, such as worldbuilding, major story arcs, and character development.

  • Level Design and Dialogue writing

  • Scripted in Unity, 

  • Provided Notes and Feedback for other writers

  • Worked on FTUE and helped with prototypes for various other features

"The artwork, music, story, and dialogue all had me positively brimming with joy... It’s got so much goddamn heart that I can’t help but sing its praises. It’s a beautiful story about caring and being there for the people who matter most. It’s also really gosh darn funny, and I love it."


"If Steven Universe and Undertale had a baby, it’d be this RPG... I found myself getting really attached to Guildlings’ terrific characters, and it all comes down to the writing and presentation."


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Set in a post-apocalyptic world in the wake a of a global climate disaster, you must follow in your mother's footsteps and join an adventurous caravan of traders in order to save your family's commodity store, and in the process, hopefully revive your sleepy home town of Bartow too! 


SIGNS OF THE SOJOURNER | Echodog Games | Writer (2020)

  • Character Development and Story Arcs

  • Wrote Dialogue and Level Design for many of the encounters across the game

  • Helped with Scripting (Ink) and Logic for various possible game endings and achievements.


"Signs of the Sojourner is one of the most cohesive narrative games I have ever played. The interplay between mechanics and storytelling is absolutely brilliant"


"The place descriptions are the game’s high point, evoking that traveller’s high of feeling out of place and full of wonder. This world is tough, ravaged by climate change, but its inhabitants are compassionate and resourceful."

The Guardian:

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Your reign as the new Social Media manager at Buckingham Palace is about to begin! You've read about them in the news and tabloids, but now... whether you're a royal super-fan or a discerning critic of the Royal Family, it's your turn to weigh in and voice your opinions about all the most hotly-debated topics regarding the Windsors! The stakes are high, the gossip is hot, and the scenes are steamy. Your choices can change history in this fun and frothy royal romp!

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LOVE ROYALE | Fusebox Games | Lead Writer (2022-2023)

  • Pitched and Developed new game properties for the company, including both original concepts as well as IPs.

  • Worked with the engineering team to streamline the company's proprietary IF engine and helped to create new and innovative tools to better facilitate narrative storytelling.

  • Worked on character development and story arcs for Love Royale

  • Managed a team of writers, assigned and reviewed scripts, and also helped with revisions as necessary.

  • Provided mentorship for new writers, and created company documentation for narrative best practices.

  • Collaborated with other department heads and liaised with production.

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THE SHADOWS OF GLASTONBURY MANOR is a tragic love story in which you play as a soon-to-be bride who spends a weekend in a haunted manor for her bachelorette party. In each chapter of the story you will explore new spaces within the manor, often encountering incorporeal vestiges from the past, and unlocking the house’s many dark secrets. In doing so, you will also explore your own interpersonal relationships with your closest friends, and perhaps by the end of your time at the Manor… uncover a few dark secrets that are much closer to home than you could have ever imagined.


THE SHADOWS OF GLASTONBURY MANOR | Tales | Writer (2019-2020)

  • Story Concept, Worldbuilding and Outline Development

  • Level Design and Script Writing

  • Worked with Dev Team to build custom game features and tools for their proprietary engine.

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Today is not just another typical day at the Shady Sentinals retirement home for Superheroes!  Help your Grandpa (otherwise known as one of the greatest heroes who ever lived, Commander Uncanny) track down his arch-nemesis, The Iron Menace, before the whole place goes kaboom!

The Golden Agers - Return of the Iron Menace is an interactive, text based, "who dunnit" game where you must interrogate all the residents of Shady Sentinals and use deductive reasoning in order to determine whose secret identity is actually the evil Iron Menace.  

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  • Built in Twine

  • Written, Designed, Illustrated and Coded entirely by me!

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Tiny Dictator is a classic style side-scrolling arcade game in which you play as a teensy weensy wanna-be dictator who needs help destroying evidence, flushing out pesky wiretappers, undermining democracy, and most importantly... searching for his best pal, Putey! All in a day's work, right?

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Tiny Dictator | Resisto Labs | Writer/Designer (2019)

  • Built in FlowLab

  • Written, Designed, Animated and Coded entirely by me!

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